Great Location for a Bed and Breakfast


Awareness of the business climate and location is our key to purchasing any business, most especially a Bed and Breakfast business! We chose to locate our B&B on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands in Washington State because the Islands are one of the top vacation lodging markets in the United States. For us, a continuum of twenty years of business experience here.

Islands are intriguing, and the San Juan Islands (Orcas Island, San Juan Island and Lopez Island) are no exception. These Islands are ideally situated between three, beautiful, nature-inspired cities in the Pacific Northwest – Seattle, Vancouver, and Victoria, B.C. – and are accessed by unique modes of transportation – ferries, seaplanes and boats of all kinds. The San Juan Islands are most known for their natural resources – scenic beauty, nature, and an abundance of watchable wildlife, particularly orca whales. Visitors also equate the San Juan Islands with numerous “soft” outdoor adventure activities including bicycling, kayaking, hiking, boating, fishing and scuba diving; as a haven for local artists; and as the “gourmet archipelago” due to farm-to-fork and tide-to-table dining experiences, as well as local “liquid arts” — wines, beers, ciders and spirits. The Islands also share lesser known attributes including a temperate climate, interesting history/heritage (from the home of Native Americans to the last territory dispute between the Americans and British), world-renowned visual arts, and cultural festivals and events. The Islands are family friendly, are ideal for a relaxing or active romantic getaway for couples of all ages, are perfect for a memorable destination wedding or small meeting/retreat, and are suitable for life-long learning opportunities in all of the above niches.

One of our outstanding partnership assets is a well- established, consistent and vibrantly active promotion and marketing program. Since 1999, the Business Association of San Juan County and the San Juan Islands Visitors Bureau have executed effective destination marketing strategies for San Juan County. Destination marketing brands the Islands, creates awareness of the Islands, and sells the Islands. As a result of these efforts, the San Juan Islands are considered a premier vacation destination.

Destination marketing strategies include: (1) running seasonal advertising campaigns, (2) garnering the Islands many “best of” accolades and thousands of mentions in articles via year-round media relations, (3) creating beautiful publications and a website which has shown steady growth, (4) partnering with the three Chambers of Commerce regarding visitor information services, and (5) achieving a State Scenic Byway designation. The Chart below illustrates the trends in annual lodging tax revenues which are fed back into supporting our promotion efforts county wide.

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